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In 2013 Yogi was medically retired from his previous career due to a chronic medical condition called Meniere's Disease. Even while suffering from violent vertigo attacks from this incurable condition,

Yogi refused to accept state disability and financial assistance of any kind.


After being diagnosed, Yogi had started looking for a way to help support his family and would not be affected by his condition.


Yogi decided to start passing out flyers door to door in the Southeast Reno areas and by the end of December 2014, Yogi's Doody Scoopers was up and running, serving the Reno and Sparks areas.  



Yogi's first door cards - December 2014

Yogi's Doody Scoopers has rapidly grown since its start in 2014 and Yogi has never regretted his decision to start a "Pooper Scooper" business.


"Of course, I wasn't very excited about picking up dog poop, It just made me happy to spend my time around dogs every day!" said Yogi. 


Yogi & his first scooper truck 

What began as a means to help support his family quickly turned into a unique business that helps give families their yards and time back. 


Over the past few years, we have doubled our business every year. Yogi is more enthusiastic about our little poop scooping co. than ever,  investing in more trucks & hiring great people.


Yogi has set a goal to build a brand in the Reno, Sparks & Carson City areas that make people grin as they see our trucks and know that we are providing a much-needed service in our community. 

Whether you are a dog owner or community manager, we can help you keep pet waste at bay.

Go ahead and browse our site to learn more about the services we provide and if you have any questions at all just give Yogi a call at 1-775-525-1818. We are available Monday thru Friday to answer any questions you may have.

We do the doody work so you don't have to!

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