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  • Are you licensed & insured?
    Yes! This is a subject that differentiates us from most of our competition. We carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance and we are legally licensed in Nevada as an LLC (TriMil, LLC) with a DBA for Yogi's Doody Scoopers under our LLC.
  • Do you clean all year?
    Do you clean all year? Absolutly! We offer dog poop cleanup for yards and communities all year round. It’s never too hot, and it’s never too cold. As long as dogs doo their thing, so will we.
  • How much does the service cost?
    Prices per cleaning may be as low as $16.95 per service. The price increases by the number of dogs that use the property, the size of the property.
  • How do you find all of the poop?
    Our pet waste removal techs are the best of the best. They are highly trained in the meticulous art of pet waste removal and they’re dedicated to doing a great job. They walk the yard in a grid-like pattern with their eyes scanning back and forth in front of their path. When they have completed the yard, they scan it again as they exit.
  • Can you clean with our dogs in the yard?
    Absolutly. As long as your dog is friendly, we love seeing your dogs out with us. If he/she is not friendly, we can’t! However, we do send email reminders in the morning before we head out and text message you when we are approximatly 10 minutes away.
  • Are you really the best pooper scooper service in the Reno, Sparks and Carson City area!?"
    Absolutly! We’re number one in the number two business! Here are a few reasons why, -We are extra careful to line our buckets with trash can liners between every stop. -Every gate we open is carefully checked when we leave to make sure it’s closed. -We send email reminders and text notafication to every customer on our routes on the day of service and when the pet waste technition is on thair way. -We are fully Licenced and insured. -All of our service vehicles are clearly marked. -Our technicians are uniformed and tought to be proud of the way they look. -We Love Northern Nevada and give back to the communities we service. -We are committed to helping good dog loving folks take back their yards, one scoop at a time.
  • Can I pick the day you service our property?
    Unfortunatly, we do not offer mixed scheduling. All of our routes are optimized for density and travel time betwean stops.
  • What if we have a lock on our gate?
    We do not keep keys to our customers locks, but here are a couple recamendations... Option #1 - Unlock your gate the morning of service. We recamend you set a reminder on your phone, so you dont forget. Option #2 - Unlock your gate when you recieve our "on our way" text. Option #3 - This is our best recamendation! Purchase a outdoor worthy combination lock. We Do Not accept and keep keys to service any property.
  • I don't have outside access to my back yard. Can you come thru the house?
    Our company policy is to never enter a customers home for any reason. Sadly, we can not accept new customers without outside access to the back yard.
  • What service do you offer for communities?
    We service pet waste stations and we also provide common area dog waste cleanings.
  • Will you scoop deer and goose poop?
    Absolutly! We are happy to help with any kind of poop on your community common areas.
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