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Affordable, Professional, & Reliable Dog Poop Removal Services 

The Everything Included Scoopers

The problem is simple: you have a dog, a yard, and your dog frequently leaves behind messy piles in the yard, creating an unpleasant situation.


Fortunately, we take our job seriously, unlike other pooper scooper companies. Here's what you can expect from our comprehensive service: 


First, we'll send you a text reminder prior to our visit and notify you when we're on our way. Upon arrival, we'll diligently inspect your front lawn, ensuring that any pesky neighbors' dogs' waste is also taken care of. We'll then carefully enter your backyard, making sure the gate is secure to prevent any unexpected escapes. 


Our meticulous team will thoroughly check both sides of your yard, including the fenceline and planters. We leave no stone unturned. Next, we expertly focus on the primary open areas, such as the lawn and common patio spaces, ensuring every bit of waste is removed. 


Once we've completed our task, we double-check that the gate is securely closed before we leave. And here's the best part – we take all the waste with us, so you don't have to worry about disposal.

With our dedicated service, you can say goodbye to the mess and enjoy a clean, waste-free yard without any hassle.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Starting Prices

1 Dog



2 Dogs



3 Dogs



4 Dogs



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Our rates as shown are specifically tailored for our ongoing weekly dog poop scooping service in Reno and the surrounding areas. The rates provided serve as a starting point and are dependent on the number of dogs you have. Please note that these rates do not include any potential initial clean-up fee, which will be estimated and included in the quote we send you for approval. 


It's important to understand that rates may vary due to several factors, including terrain, location, lot size, accessibility, frequency of service, the number of dogs, yard condition, and any unique custom requirements you may have. We take all of these factors into account to ensure fair and accurate pricing that reflects your specific needs and circumstances.


Additionally, if you require an initial dog poop clean-up, we will provide a detailed quote outlining the estimated cost. You can review and approve this quote before proceeding with the service.


We look forward to providing you with a clean and hygienic yard that meets your expectations and gives you more time to enjoy with your furry companions.

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