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Property Access:

It is important to ensure safe access throughout your yard and a clear path for our team when entering and exiting the yard on any service day(s). In the event that we encounter difficulties or restrictions that prevent us from providing the service due to a lack of accessibility or other factors, please note that you will be charged for the attempted visit. We kindly ask for your cooperation in maintaining a safe and accessible environment to ensure the smooth provision of our services.


Aggressive Dogs:

To ensure the safety of our technicians and your dog(s), it is crucial that you promptly inform our office, either in writing or through a phone call, about the temperament of your dog(s) if they have any aggressive tendencies. This information will allow us to take the necessary precautions and ensure a safe environment during our visits. Your cooperation in providing accurate and timely communication regarding the behavior of your dog(s) is greatly appreciated.


Service Hours:  

Our services are available from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm. Please note that we are closed on weekends. You are not required to be present at home during the service as long as we have access to your yard and have received confirmation of your dog(s)'s temperament when scheduling the service. Please understand that we do not provide specific appointment times, as our routes may vary on a weekly basis due to our growing customer base. We appreciate your flexibility in accommodating our fluctuating schedule.


Locked Gates and Access:

To ensure uninterrupted service, please ensure that any locked gates are unlocked by 8 am on your scheduled service day (start of business on the service day). If you have a keyed entry, we recommend using a "hide-a-key" method to store a spare key securely. Please inform our office, either in writing or through a phone call, so that we can make permanent notes on your account and ensure all our technicians are aware of where to access your key. For added convenience, we suggest using a combination lock for ultimate ease of service. In such cases, please provide us with the combination code via phone or email, allowing us to access your yard and prevent any unsuccessful service attempts.


Please note that if we are unable to access your yard due to a locked gate upon our arrival, you will be charged for the cleanup/visit attempt. Keeping us informed about any changes to your access methods or providing the necessary information regarding locked gates and key access will help us provide you with seamless service without any disruptions.

Community Gate Codes:

It is your responsibility to provide us with the current community gate code and promptly update our office staff by phone or email if there are any changes to the code. Our field technicians are not authorized to update your account or access community gate code information. Therefore, it is essential to communicate any updates or changes regarding the community gate code directly with our office staff.

Addressing Yard Challenges:  Snow, Leaves, Debris, Tall Grass, Weeds, and Neglected Yards

We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional dog waste removal services. We understand that maintaining a yard can be challenging, especially when it involves issues such as leaves, debris, tall grass, and neglected yards. Rest assured, we are committed to addressing these challenges while delivering a thorough cleaning service.


While our team strives to locate and remove all dog waste during our visits, we acknowledge that leaves, debris, and tall grass can sometimes hinder our ability to do so completely. We kindly request your understanding that we do not offer refunds for any missed waste resulting from these yard conditions. As a responsible customer, it is important to ensure that your yard is accessible and free of any obstacles on the day of service.


In cases where we encounter excessive debris or tall grass that prevents us from accessing your yard, we may need to skip the service for that week. However, we will make every effort to reschedule and return during the next scheduled visit to ensure your yard receives the attention it needs.

Doody Scoopers Tracking:

To ensure transparency and provide real-time updates, all Yogi's Doody Scoopers service technicians have a GPS tracking device installed on their company-branded vehicles while performing their duties. This enables us to verify and confirm that the service is being provided promptly and efficiently through our customer management system.

By utilizing GPS tracking, we aim to maintain a high level of accountability and ensure that our customers receive reliable and consistent service. This technology allows us to monitor our technicians' locations, ensuring they are on track and completing the scheduled services as expected.


"On Our Way" Text Messaging:

For your convenience, you will be automatically enrolled in our automated text messaging service, which sends you a notification when our team is on the way to your location. It's our way of keeping you informed and ensuring a smooth service experience.


Please note that while we strive to provide reliable text notifications, we cannot guarantee the delivery of every message. The text service is facilitated through a third-party provider, and occasional transmission issues may occur outside of our control. We apologize for any inconvenience caused if a text message is not successfully transmitted.

To ensure that you receive our text messages without any interruption, we recommend reaching out to your cellular carrier and ensuring that our SMS transmissions are not being blocked or flagged as spam. This will help you stay updated and informed about our team's arrival.


Number of Pets: 

Notification of any changes in the number of dog(s) in your household is required, and prompt payment of associated balances is due immediately. Additionally, our Field Technicians will record and verify the number of dogs listed on your account and unusual increases in waste or conditions. They will subsequently be reported to management for account review. Households that fail to inform Yogi's Doody Scoopers management of the correct number of dog(s) that are being serviced shall result in additional charges. 

Holidays (No Service):

Please be aware that our services will not be available on the following holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. However, if New Year's Day falls on your regular service day, you will receive service that day.


During these holidays, our dedicated team takes time off to celebrate and spend quality time with their families. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in observing these holiday closures. It allows our hardworking employees to recharge and enjoy well-deserved time with their loved ones.


We kindly remind you that holiday closures are not prorated, as our employees are compensated for the holidays, and any skipped service during a holiday leads to a double accumulation of waste. Therefore, we do not offer refunds for the missed service on these occasions. We understand that this may result in an increased amount of waste to be removed during the subsequent service visit. However, rest assured that our technicians will make every effort to provide an efficient and thorough clean-up on your next scheduled service day following the holiday.

Changes: Customers MUST report any changes to account status, service notes and/or updates, etc., to the office immediately. Field Technicians servicing your home are NOT responsible, and CANNOT update customer accounts or process cancellations. Text messages are not actively monitored, and we cannot verify your account status or discuss your account via text or other social media message systems. Customers must contact our office by phone or email on our contact page.     


Service Area(s): Yogi's Doody Scoopers services primarily backyards. If front yards or additional areas are in need of service, customers must request any changes to management, NOT your service technician, and shall be subject to additional charges.  


Service Schedule and Adjustments:

We would like to emphasize that we cannot guarantee specific days or times for service. The timing of our services may vary each week due to factors such as the time required at other properties and the growth of each route. Please understand that optimizing our routes for efficiency enables us to provide excellent service at an affordable price.

In the event that your service day needs to be adjusted, we will notify you in writing. We understand the importance of keeping you informed about any changes to your scheduled service and will ensure that you receive timely communication regarding any adjustments.


Route Adjustment for Lawn Services:

We kindly request your understanding that we are unable to accommodate adjustments to your service day or time for conflicts related to lawn service. Our routes are carefully planned to optimize efficiency and maintain affordable pricing for all our customers.


Paused Service:

At Yogi's Doody Scoopers, we understand that there may be occasions when your pet(s) will not be utilizing the yard for a specific period of time, such as during vacations or periods of illness. To ensure that you are not charged for unnecessary visits, we have a Paused Service policy in place. Please familiarize yourself with the details below:

  1. Advance Notice: If you wish to pause or suspend our services due to your pet(s) not using the yard, we kindly request that you provide us with a 24-hour advance notice. This allows us to adjust our schedule accordingly and avoid any unnecessary visits to your property. Please contact our office directly to request the suspension of service.

  2. Excessive Pauses or Suspensions: While we understand that temporary pauses may be necessary, excessive or prolonged suspensions of our services may impact our ability to maintain your account. In such cases, we reserve the right to either cancel the service or apply processing fees. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


We encourage open communication regarding any temporary suspensions or pauses in service.


Waste Removal Policy:
At Yogi's Doody Scoopers, we have a waste removal policy that applies to both our weekly service customers and one-time clean-up customers. Please take note of the following guidelines:


  1. Weekly Service Customers: As part of our standard service, our technicians will remove all waste that has been scooped from your yard. This service is inclusive and covers the waste generated during our regular visits.

  2.  One-Time Clean-Up Customers: For customers availing of our one-time clean-up service, we provide the removal of waste up to one 5-gallon bag as a standard inclusion. This ensures a thorough and initial clean-up of your yard. For any additional waste beyond the one 5-gallon bag, we offer the option to remove it for an additional fee. The fee will be charged per 5-gallon bag or per 25 pounds of waste, depending on which measurement is more suitable.

Gates and Latches:

To ensure the safety of your dog(s) and the security of your property, it is crucial that you properly maintain your gate and latch. We would like to emphasize that we cannot be held responsible for any issues that arise from faulty, broken, or damaged gates or latches, including instances where canines may breach your fence line. Therefore, it is YOUR responsibility to check that your gate has been properly secured and is in good working condition after every dog waste removal service has been completed.

Refunds and Satisfaction Guarantee:
At Yogi's Doody Scoopers, we strive for complete customer satisfaction. Please take note of our refund policy and 100% Money Back Guarantee:

  1. Regular Weekly Service: Our refund policy and 100% Money Back Guarantee are valid for regular weekly service. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our service, we kindly request that you promptly notify us by sending a photo and location of the area we missed. We will make every effort to return and re-scoop if possible, or schedule a prompt re-scoop to address the issue. If we are unable to schedule a re-scoop prior to your next service, a full refund will be provided at the regular weekly rate.

  2. Initial Cleanups and One-Time Cleanups: Please note that our refund policy and 100% Money Back Guarantee do not apply to initial cleanups or one-time cleanups. These services are designed to provide a thorough and comprehensive clean-up of your yard within estimated time limits.

  3. Prompt Reporting of Issues: It is the customer's responsibility to inform us of any issues immediately following the service. This allows us to promptly address and correct any concerns or issues in a timely manner. Please understand that retroactive refunds will not be issued for complaints or concerns that are beyond the current day of service.

  4. Refund Limitations: Refunds will not exceed the amount equivalent to one week of regular service. We aim to provide fair and reasonable solutions to address any concerns while ensuring that refund amounts remain within a reasonable limit.


We value your feedback and take pride in delivering quality service. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we appreciate your cooperation in promptly reporting any issues you may encounter.

Inclement Weather, Smoke, or Road Blockages:

At Yogi's Doody Scoopers, we prioritize the safety of our employees and clients in all circumstances. Please familiarize yourself with our policies regarding inclement weather, smoke, or road blockages:

  1. Inclement Weather: While we strive to provide consistent dog poop removal services, there may be instances of inclement weather that pose safety risks. These can include heavy snow, ice, high winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms, or any other unforeseen circumstances that may endanger our employees or clients. In such cases, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel our services to ensure everyone's well-being.

  2. Service Interruptions: If we need to postpone or cancel our service due to inclement weather, we will make every effort to communicate with our clients as soon as possible. Our team will reach out to inform you of any changes to your scheduled service and provide updates regarding rescheduling via email or text messaging.

  3. Refunds: We understand the reliance our clients have on our services, but please note that we do not offer refunds for postponed or canceled weekly services due to the additional time required for cleanups following cancellations. We appreciate your understanding in this matter as we work diligently to ensure the safety of our team members and maintain the quality of our service.

  4. Safety First: The safety of our employees and clients is our utmost priority. If we deem it unsafe to provide our services due to inclement weather, smoke, or road blockages, we will not proceed with the service. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in such situations, as our commitment to safety ensures the well-being of everyone involved.

Balances Due:

We kindly remind our valued clients of our policy regarding balances not being received by the scheduled due date. It is essential to adhere to this policy to ensure the smooth operation of our services:

  1. Late Fee: A $20 late fee may be automatically applied to the outstanding amount if a balance is not received within ten days of the scheduled due date. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, so please make every effort to settle your balance promptly to avoid incurring additional charges.

  2. Collections: Balances that remain unpaid for a period of thirty (30) days will be sent to collections. While we strive to maintain positive relationships with our clients, we must take appropriate actions to ensure the financial stability of our business. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


We encourage open communication regarding any difficulties you may encounter in settling your balance by the scheduled due date. If you require assistance or have any concerns, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. We are here to work with you and find a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Damages and Liability:

The safety of your pets and the protection of your property are of utmost importance to us at Yogi's Doody Scoopers. We would like to provide you with important information regarding damages and liability:

  1. Our Commitment: We are committed to taking all necessary precautions and exercising due diligence while providing our services. Our team members are trained professionals who strive to ensure the safety of your pets and the integrity of your property.

  2. Limitation of Liability: Yogi's Doody Scoopers and its representatives assume no liabilities for damages to yards, gates, pets, or other properties. We understand that accidents or unforeseen incidents may occur, but it is essential to note that any damages resulting from the natural course of our services are not the responsibility of Yogi's Doody Scoopers.

  3. Natural Course of Services: Our services involve navigating through your yard to remove pet waste. While we are cautious and take measures to prevent any damage, normal wear and tear to your yard, gates, or other structures may occur over time. It is important to understand that such damages are not a result of negligence on our part.

  4. Prompt Reporting: We encourage you to promptly report any concerns or damages you believe may have been caused during our services. By informing us as soon as possible, we can address the issue and work towards a satisfactory resolution.


Fees / Rates:

At Yogi's Doody Scoopers, we strive to provide our services at competitive and fair rates. We want to ensure that our clients are aware of our policies regarding fees and rates. Please take note of the following:

  1. Subject to Change: Fees and rates for our services are subject to change at any time. We continuously evaluate our costs, market conditions, and other relevant factors to ensure that our pricing remains reasonable and sustainable.

  2. Transparent Communication: We understand the importance of transparency in our business practices. If a change in fees or rates becomes necessary, we are committed to providing you with advanced notice. At least 15 days prior to the effective date of the change, we will notify you via the email address on file. This way, you will have sufficient time to review the updated fees and rates.

  3. Your Consent: By continuing to use our services after receiving the notification of fee or rate changes, you indicate your acceptance of the updated fees and rates. If you choose not to proceed with the services due to the change in fees or rates, you may inform us in writing before the effective date, and we will make the necessary arrangements.


Initial & One-Time Clean-Up Fees:

To ensure transparency and fairness in our pricing, we would like to provide you with information regarding our Initial & One-Time Clean-Up Fees:


  1. Accurate Waste Assessment: It is important to communicate the estimated amount of waste to our sales team when scheduling the initial or one-time clean-up service. This information helps us allocate the necessary time and resources to complete the job efficiently.

  2. Additional Clean-Up Fee: If, upon arrival, our technicians determine that the amount of waste exceeds what was initially communicated, an additional clean-up fee may be applicable. This fee will be charged to your account without requiring additional authorization, up to or equal to 30 minutes of additional cleaning time, as determined by our management

  3. Excessive Waste: In the event that the amount of waste is excessive and beyond the scope of what was communicated by the customer, we reserve the right to cancel the service. If the service is canceled due to excessive waste, a refund will be provided, minus a $75 service call fee.

Automatic Payment: 

To ensure a seamless and convenient payment experience, we offer an Autopay option for our ongoing weekly service customers. Here are the details regarding our Autopay policy:

1. Enrollment and Billing Cycle: When you sign up for ongoing weekly service, you will be automatically enrolled in our monthly Autopay billing system. The payment information provided during sign-up will be securely stored and used for recurring payments. Autopay will initiate on the last calendar day of each month.

2. Accepted Payment Methods: We only accept electronic payment methods through our customer management software. We do not accept cash, checks, CODs, cash apps, or any other forms of payment. By utilizing our Autopay system, you can conveniently manage your payments without the need for manual transactions.

3. Automatic Payment Process: On the designated billing date, the payment will be automatically deducted from the payment method on file. This streamlined process ensures that your payment is made promptly and eliminates the need for manual payment submission.

4. Receipt of Payment: After each successful payment, a receipt will be generated and sent to the primary account holder immediately. This receipt serves as a confirmation of payment and provides a record of the transaction.


Our Autopay system is designed to provide you with a hassle-free payment experience while ensuring that your services are promptly and securely paid for.

One Month Free Promotion:

In the event that either party cancels the service within 12 consecutive months from the service start date, we regret to inform you that the promotional free month of service will be forfeited. As a result, the customer will be charged for all services rendered during that period at our normal monthly rate. Any outstanding balances will be due upon cancellation or termination of services.



Please note that promotions offered by our company cannot be combined at any time. Each promotion is designed to be used individually and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, discounts, or promotions. To be eligible for our special promotions, you must either be a new customer or a returning customer who has not used our services for at least 12 consecutive months.


We value our customers and strive to provide the best value and service possible. Our promotions are designed to reward new customers and welcome back returning customers who have not utilized our services in the past 12 months. If you meet the eligibility criteria, we encourage you to take advantage of our special promotions and experience the benefits of our services.

Termination of Services:

We understand that circumstances may arise where either party needs to terminate the service. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, please follow the guidelines outlined below:

  1. Termination Notice: We appreciate your cooperation in providing written notice to our office if you wish to terminate the service. You can do this by sending an email or through a formal letter. Please include your name, account details, and the effective date of termination. This will help us process your request promptly.

  2. Unpaid Balances: Upon cancellation of the service, any outstanding balances will become due and payable. Our payment processing system will automatically take the final payment for services completed in the last month of service once your account is closed. We kindly ask that you settle any remaining payments promptly to ensure a smooth transition.


By initiating service, both parties agree to the above terms and responsibilities.


We understand that circumstances may arise where updates or modifications to these Terms of Service may be necessary. As the customer, it is your responsibility to review and familiarize yourself with the most current version of the Terms of Service. 


We will make efforts to notify you of any significant changes to the Terms of Service via email or other suitable means. However, it is important for you to check this page for any updates or revisions periodically. Your continued use of our services after any changes to the Terms of Service signifies your acceptance of the updated terms.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Terms of Service or any updates, please don't hesitate to contact our office. We are here to assist you and provide the necessary information to ensure a clear understanding of our service agreement.


Thank you for choosing our services. We appreciate your trust and look forward to serving you.




Last Updated: JUNE 2023, TriMil, LLC (DBA Yogi's Doody Scoopers, Doody Scoopers)

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